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Chemical Aluminium Foil Bags

The aluminium foil bags can be used for printing oil, battery powder, PCB boar oil, etc. we can make three-side sealed bag, spout pouch, zip-lock bag, or even roll films, etc. The specifications,material structures and printings are customized.

We can make according to customers' needs.Normally the material structure is: ALUMINIUM/PET/AL/NY/PE;PET/AL/PE;PET/VMPET/PE;BOPP/AL/PE,etc. If there is liquid, Nylon is suggested. The thickness usually from 45 microns to 300 microns, if you want other thickness,please tell us to customize.

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The high barrier pouch special use aluminum foil seal packaging anti-static bag is designed specifically for the safe and secure storage of chemicals. Its anti-static properties make it ideal for protecting sensitive substances from electrostatic discharge, while the aluminum foil seal ensures a high barrier to prevent leakage and contamination.
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